We offer a wide range of electrical services for both commercial and industrial clients and have built up a portfolio of successful projects over the course of 20+ years. Our electricians have experience in different areas of the electrical industry, which is why we can find logical, electrical solutions for small and large businesses alike.

We have a wide range of experience with the domestic market, which includes services such as full and part rewires. If you are looking to add additional circuits, sockets and lighting into your building, our team can install these with ease.

If your fuse board is struggling to manage with the power demands of your home, we can make fuse board changes to help your home run smoothly. You should be checking your fuse board to see if it is time for an upgrade.

To make sure your electrical installations are performing to the national safety standards, you should have periodic inspections. We offer periodic inspection reports, which will also show if any of your equipment or electrical circuits need changing.

Finally on our domestic services list is our solar Photovoltaic (solar PV) installations. Solar PV converts solar radiation into electricity, using semiconductors. Studies show that Solar PV installations can reduce electricity bills, have low maintenance costs and, of course, is a renewable energy source.

If you have any questions about our electrical services at MMES 2012, or you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, feel free to get in touch on our contact page. You can also call us on 01278 434263, or email us at info@m-mes.com. We are always happy to help with relevant questions.